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Kid's Spring 2013 Trending Color

Monday, February 25, 2013
After every buying trip we like to do a round-up on trends we see within the brands we purchase for Fiddlesticks. We work with designers who mostly create small collections and who are for the most part based in the US. The majority of them are mothers with busy lives and most find they have little time to design. Those with little time admit to designing in a bubble - they rely on their design instincts to create the collection & don't actively seek outside influences. So you would gather that trends wouldn't emerge if this were the general case. Yet naturally they collectively fall into patterns which ultimately create trends. And what we find fascinating among these designers is how they all end up trending in the same direction. Time and time again.

So where do these trends come from? Are they inspired through previous fashion trends in women's or men's collections? Is it from the movies? tv shows? Can it trace back to past trends in home decor? While we ponder on the where and how, we can tell you the now....
This Spring we are going to see a lot of navy and white with a pop of ORANGE for the boys. Here are several photos we took on our buying trip for Spring 2013 that show just some of the many designers using orange as their pop in their boys collections.

 Egg Baby by Susan Lazar


Angel Dear

Morgan & Milo

And for the girls the pop color is CORAL and ORANGE!




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