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Back-to-School Favorites

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome back. Back to fresh notebooks and sharp pencils. Back to new clothes and shiny shoes. Back to growing minds in the classroom and making friends at recess. Back to School, of course!

Here are our top five Back-to-School must-haves at Fiddlesticks!

Dante Beatrix Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

Quirky, durable, and 100% kid-pleasing, Dante Beatrix delivers a fresh new batch of bags for a fresh new school year.

Animal Sound Alarm Clocks

Rise and shine! We've got a menagerie of animal alarm clocks to choose from: how about a ribbiting frog, a chirping red bird, or a giggling raccoon to help tug sleepy heads out of dreamland? (Our favorite is the clip-clopping purple unicorn, of course.)

Eco-Friendly Lunch Gear

Here's one you might want to snag for yourself: totally reusable lunch tins and snack bags. Fill with something delicious, send them off with hungry munchkins, toss them in the dishwasher, and repeat! Perfect for school lunches, picnics, backseat snacks, airplane trips...

All the Fun Things

For us here at Fiddlesticks, it was always stocking up on fresh new school supplies that marked the transition to a new year at school, so we made sure to gather up some goodies for this year's back-to-schoolers. Goldfish pencil sharpeners, ice cream cone pens, metallic colored pencils, rocketship pencil toppers, robot erasers (with removable limbs!) we almost want to go back to school, too!

And finally ... The I-Wood

One more that's too good not to mention: we are SUPER excited to be carrying the I-Wood! It's a laptop, done Fiddlesticks style: smooth wood exterior, and inside, instead of a screen and keyboard, two blackboards (and plenty of chalk). Perfect for getting some serious work done - like practicing 2+2=4, or drawing superheros, of course.

We wish you and your favorite little academics a wonderful start to the school year! See you soon!

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