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Dive In!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer's on the horizon, and here at Fiddlesticks we're sailing right into long sunny days and sparkling aqua waters. In honor of SUN and FUN, we've stocked up on loads of goodies in a nautical theme.

We're carrying a big batch of swimwear this season - all hand-selected in accordance with the Fiddlesticks rules of super cute, super functional, and just a little bit different. Los Angeles-made Lilo Tati swimsuits are as sweet as the little girls who will cannonball into the pool in them: think aqua stripes, yellow ruffles, and the most darling pink and gray whale print you've ever seen. For girls who want to hit the beach in a classic nautical look, we grabbed up a few styles from Toobydoo, our go-to for everything bright and striped: look for navy and white stripes with exuberant pops of yellow (in a one-piece, a tankini, and a bikini, too).

For the boys we have a table-full of board shorts in 500 fun prints (give or take), and rash guards to go on top. This anchor print pair from Egg Baby make us think of summer barbecues and watermelon slices, and Toobydoo's geometric aqua printed trunks are fresh and comfy; don't blame us if he insists on just one more dive (or six) before dinner.

And the cherry on top of our smorgasbord of swimwear? The raddest goggles we've EVER seen. Keeping those bright eyes tear-free has hit a new lever of flashy and fun with Bling 2 O's heart shaped / sprinkle-encrusted / shiny neon menagerie of goggles. If only they came in our size!

We kept the nautical theme going strong in this season's clothing buy, too. From Tea Collection's sea creature-themed graphic tees to Winter Water Factory's all-over anchor print top to Egg's classic chambray jumpsuit to Toobydoo's bold, beachy stripes, there are all sorts of ways to celebrate the sun and the surf.

Did you think we forgot about the toys? Not for a second! Warm up those fins with bathtub fun: we have tiny ducks that float, big friendly blue whales, and lightweight wooden boats from Plan Toys. Did they work up an appetite with all that splashing around? Have a sea-themed meal, complete with a just-for-kids Thomas Paul dish set and very special diver straws (trust us, they'll drink all their milk). 

Wishing you all a happy season of splishing and splashing around! 

P.S. Has the nautical bug - err, fish - bit you too? Come hang out with us on Pinterest; we have a whole nautical board going! 

Celebrity Sighting: The Easter Bunny At Fiddlesticks

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
We promise not to let it go to our heads TOO much, but yesterday we received a visit from a very distinguished customer: the Easter Bunny himself, out doing some market research. In between hops, bounces, and nose wriggles (that rabbit could seriously benefit from a cup of chamomile tea), he pointed out a few of his favorite goodies for Easter basket filling. Read on for his picks (he suggests throwing a few carrots in too, but that's your call).

It's a Fiddlesticks tradition to celebrate holidays with a good stack of picture books, and the Easter Bunny thoroughly approved of our selection (probably because many of them star his aunts and uncles and many, many cousins). However, he laughed so hard at the idea of an Easter Cat that he sneezed six times in a row, which was quite a sight. It could happen, Bunny, you never know. 

No surprise that he was flattered by our homage to classic springtime sweetness: we've got tiny cloth bunnies with heart-shaped buttons for pacifiers, big mama bunnies with bows on their dresses, and decorated tin eggs hiding miniature yellow chicks inside, all from whimsical Danish toy line Maileg.

Our window displays drew the Easter Bunny in in the first place (he was on his way to buy a latte at Blue Bottle, which frankly we really don't think he needed...), and it's no surprise: they're stuffed to the brim with all kinds of Easter fun. We've got kits for decorating Easter eggs,  for sewing Easter sock puppets, for painting wooden bunny boxes, and for painting your face with springtime designs.

We won't deny it: when it comes to stuffing Easter baskets full of chocolate and marshmallows, we're a bit Scroogish. (Are we mixing up our holidays? Anyway.) But we're so fully stocked with non-sugary treats that the Easter Bunny didn't even scold us for the lack of chocolate eggs. We have all kinds of trinkets and treasures for kiddos who love to accessorize - glittery bunny necklaces, brightly-hued, locally made headbands, super-fly kid-sized shades, woven butterfly bracelets, ice cream flavored lip get the idea. We have creepy crawly bugs that hop, little jars of stretchy lizards and dinosaur bones, butterflies that flutter and twirl, and real, working microscopes for examining the above specimens. The Easter Bunny especially loved our stash of temporary tattoos (and was slightly peeved that they don't stick to fur).

In conclusion, hop on by and we'll  help you stock up on some Easter-themed fun. (And yes, you bet we got his autograph - that bunny's a legend.)

You're Invited To A "We Remodeled!" Celebration

Monday, March 10, 2014

Here's something you might not know: Fiddlesticks owner Elizabeth has been a merchant in our beloved San Francisco neighborhood, Hayes Valley, for over ten years. To show her ongoing commitment to the neighborhood, as well as to honor its spirit of constant renewal (have you seen Hayes Valley recently? what a place!), she decided it was time to give our shop a big ol' makeover.

At the beginning of January, we (drank a few lattes and) schlepped all our merchandise down Hayes Street to a temporary home; six weeks later, we schlepped it all back and got busy settling into our looks-like-new home. It was quite a bit of effort for the Fiddlesticks Crew, but entirely worth it: we've got brand-shiny-new floors, freshly painted walls, new made-just-for-us shelving systems, and a very different layout.

This Thursday we'll be raising a glass of bubbly to celebrate the completion of our renovations, and we hope you'll join us! The store is BURSTING with new spring merchandise, and we'll have snacks on-hand from our neighbors Hayes & Kebab to fuel you in all your ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

A Fiddlesticks Happy Hour this Thursday, March 13, from 4 to 7 pm - all welcome!


Fiddlesticks is Hiring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fiddlesticks is a children’s clothing & toy store located in the heart of Hayes Valley. We are currently looking for a full-time (5 days/week, 11-7pm shifts, weekends) Sales Associate to join our enthusiastic and energetic team. We are looking for someone who adores children, has an out-going personality and the natural ability to provide excellent customer service.

Our ideal candidate has an eye for merchandising & display, the motivation to take the lead, and has social media experience (blogging/ facebook/ PR relations).

This is a key holder position, thus previous retail experience in a small boutique is strongly preferred. This position requires working weekends, pays based on experience & provides a generous discount.

If interested, please send a note & resume to - or feel free to swing by and drop one off in person!

**Please do not inquire if you are only looking for a temporary position.  We desire someone that wants to grow with us and become a part of our brand. This is a position with a good amount of opportunity.

A Moroccan Tea Party!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Join us on Saturday, February 8th for a Moroccan Tea Party! 

Enjoy 20% off all non-sale Tea Collection clothing. 

Petit Collage Book Reading At Fiddlesticks

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We are so excited to announce that Petit Collage founder, long-time Fiddlesticks friend, and celebrated San Francisco artist Lorena Siminovich will be dropping by the shop for a reading and signing of her just-released book "You Know What I Love."

Lorena told us that she wrote "You Know What I Love" as a love letter to her daughter Matilda, and, well, you know what WE love? This very special storybook! It's one sweet little girl's tribute to her most favorite of dolls; these best of friends spend the day peering out the window at big fat raindrops, singing very, very loudly, zipping to the mailbox on a bright yellow scooter, and even sending secret messages to each other when they're apart. What's not to love?

 The book is illustrated in Lorena's characteristic collage style (if you've been to Fiddlesticks before, you've no doubt noticed her brightly-colored screen prints and collages hanging behind the counter). Each page is richly textured, and full of lovingly placed details. It's the perfect way to tell your own beloved little one how much you adore them during the month of Valentine's.

We hope you'll join us in the shop at 11 am on Sunday, February 9th. Lorena will read out loud to us all, and then sign your book with a flourish! (Books will be available for sale on the 9th, but snatch one up now if you want to fall in love a little early.) Snacks provided!

As an extra "I love you" from us, we'll be offering 20% off all in-store purchases and orders of Lorena's artwork on the day of the reading; we'll have her catalog on hand, and you've never seen such a delightful array of prints, collages, and posters.

Can't wait to see you on the 9th!



Tuesday, January 7, 2014
We're in a temporary home for the month of January (new year, new floors!), and in the process of moving alllllll our merchandise two doors down the street, we discovered some very special orphans toys just begging for homes. 

So we thought: who are we to get in the way of a toy just begging to be played with? Out with the red pen! We've slish-slashed the prices on a few treasured Fiddlesticks toys, and we're hoping they'll be just the thing you're looking for. 

See something you like? Give us a call, and we'll set it aside for ya!

Was $220. Now $75.

Would we sell a dollhouse in San Francisco that didn't boast solar panels? No way! This All-Season Wooden Dollhouse by stellar toy company Hape includes four room sets: Master Bedroom, Family Bedroom, Media Room, and Kitchen. It comes fully furnished, and is easy to assemble. Materials include baltic birch, maple, and rubberwood. Ideal for ages 3+.

Was $69. Now $25. 
Need a dollhouse for a slightly older crowd? Need an activity to fill a whole slew of rainy afternoons? These beautiful houses (produced by hand from recycled materials in Chicago, IL) arrive packaged flat. First, don your architect hat and follow the instructions to construct the house (parents might need to help). Then, put on your interior designer hat and get to work! Use the colored paper and other included props to put up pictures, hang curtains, lay out a rug - you get the idea. Then, let the playing begin - one little pony-tailed girl (and her pet hedgehog) already reside at the Logan House, and you can add more!

The front of each house is made from baltic birch, and the remaining walls are made form sturdy, recycled cardboard. Each house kit comes with all house components, a DIY design ideas book, a DIY trading card, and more!
Ages 6+

Was $77. Now $35. 
On your mark, get set, go! The Hape Switchback Racetrack Toy is perfect for the speediest of toddlers. The colorful, double-wide racing ramp track allows 1 or 2 cars to go racing down to the finish line. A wonderful vehicle pretend play set, this racing toy includes 4 wooden vehicles - back and forth they go!  The Educo Switchback Racetrack Toy is a great way to get imaginations racing as these cars fly down the track for a speedy finish! 
All wooden parts. Measures approximately 8.5"x7.5"x21"

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