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Annual Fiddlesticks Holiday Gift Guide

Friday, November 30, 2012
We're not ones to pick favorites - but for you? Oh, sure. Here are our top holiday gift picks for the most special girls and boys in your life!

If you don't see what you're looking for on here, be sure to stop by the shop: it's positively bursting with toys, and we'll help you find just what you need (and wrap it up, too).

Welcome to the Holidays!

Decorate Your Own Doll Houses
Don’t laugh but: these are the coolest eco-friendly, modular doll houses on the block! They come unassembled: your little builder will fit the pieces together Ikea-style, then start decorating! Use the included goody pack put up curtains, pictures, a welcome mat - the sky’s the limit! The perfect older girl doll house. (Bonus: everything’s made by hand in Chicago!)

Glowing Putty, Gels & Slime Kit
It was love at first sight when we saw the name of this kit - and it turns out there’s some solid science behind the silly name. Older kids with a real interest in chemistry will learn about Big Important Things while mixing up some mad scientist fun (think glow-in-the-dark gel and our favorite, “slimy ooze”)!

Snow Globe Kit
Remember the magic of shaking a snow globe and watching the glittery snow settle on the tiny world inside? With this kit, little hands can invent their own magic - will they sculpt a dragon’s castle? A mystical unicorn? Bake, add the glitter, and let the show begin!
Build Your Own Robots
We know we’ve struck gold when even the grown-ups want to play with Guyzer & Bean, Kenji, and all the rest of these personable robots from East Bay-based Magnote. They come packaged flat; slide the wooden and paper pieces together to bring them to life. The perfect long plane ride activity!

Shadow Theater
String this shadow theater up in the corner of the bedroom for the dreamiest bedtime stories - or set it up in the playroom and let the little ones put on the show. Use the included puppets, or add an extra set. Come one, come all, to the magical shadow theater! 

Diggin Airplane Box Set
We love this beautiful wooden box set! Open it up, snap together the runway, and, tada! instant restaurant / waiting room / airport entertainment. When you're done, pack it back into its box and off you go! (Also available in Cars, Castle, and Doll House.)

The iWood
What to get for the tot tech set? A chalkboard laptop, of course! Powered by five sticks of chalk and the biggest imagination in the world, there’s no telling what the world’s youngest techies will dream up on their iWoods.

Tegu Magnetic Cars
What goes “click-clack, click-clack, vroom vroom VROOM!”? Magnetic Tegu blocks and sturdy rubber wheels being stacked together to build a car, of course! A new favorite from a Fiddlesticks classic.

Emu Clown Fish Boots
We know that keeping those tiny feet toasty warm is important to you, and we aren’t clowning around: these boots are the best. High quality sheepskin for extra warmth, and a strong resemblance to Nemo for extra “awwww”s!

SF Stacking Blocks
Let’s throw a little San Francisco price into the mix! Released to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bridge's completion, these sturdy cardboard stacking and nesting blocks tell the story of the debate over the bridge’s paint color...not that Baby will care. She’ll just be pleased as punch to stack ‘em up and knock ‘em over, again and again! (Bonus! Pairs nicely with the GG Bridge Mix and Match book.)

Robot Growth Wall Decal 
Three reasons we love this growth chart:
1) It’s a re-positionable wall decal - perfect for growing, moving families.
2) It measures your little one all the way up to four feet tall.
3) Robots are super cool! (And this one’s the creation of a local San Francisco artist.)

Djeco Pull Toys
The only thing cuter than those first wobbly steps? If they’re taken with an adorable wooden creature being tugged along behind! From Fox to Kitty to Bunny, Baby will love their bright colors and friendly expressions (ok, so do we).



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