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Tea Sample Sale - a HUGE Success!

Saturday, June 19, 2010
What a fantastic event!!! We are still buzzing about it. The main ingredient was all of YOU. Honestly, everyone who stopped by for the sale was super sweet & incredibly patient. The line one day was 3 hours long and people waited with a smile. At one point we looked around the store & while it was jam packed it was so peaceful. THANK YOU to all who came out. We will keep you posted on the next one...sometime in 2011.


First one in line. A very sweet Dad ready to wait for 3 hours so his wife could get in early. LOVE the dedication to family & TEA!!!

Jen & Lucy waiting in line with a smile!!!

A very content customer. Sweet sweet Cole was happily lounging among the shopping madness.

Definitely a HUGE success!!!

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TEA Sample Sale: June 18th & 19th

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pssssst. Did you hear??? Fiddlestick's is hosting the highly anticipated TEA Collection Sample Sale!!!

When: June 18th & 19th, 9am-7pm

Where: Fiddlesticks

What: Styles from previous seasons, one-of-a-kind samples, and current styles that have gotten estranged from its packaging. Sizes 0 – 8 years. Boys and girls.

All samples will be sold for amazing low prices, from $10-$20!

Bring your own bag and receive a $5 discount.

And just between you & I...this event has been VERY well attended in the past. So this year we have increased the sheer volume of samples. We are currently swimming in boxes and boxes and boxes of samples!!! This is NOT something to be missed.

Back to unpacking...see you all soon!


Inspired by Trash!

Friday, June 4, 2010
Before I had kids I was convinced that we wouldn't be the family that had the girl dressed head-to-toe in princess dresses day and night, and we thought MAYBE a few trucks here and there with the boy. was I wrong. I swear, the biggest lesson I continue to face about having these little guys is NEVER SAY NEVER! Never. Cuz it never seems to turn out how we thought.

Meet Charlie. He is 2 and he is OBSESSED with garbage trucks.

Obsessed might be an understatement too. Monday morning Charlie sits in the front window of our home waiting for the garbage truck. I swear he has sonar garbage truck radar too...cuz he knows when it's coming and is front and center just waiting. That truck shows up and his entire body tenses up with excitement. It's his only care in the world at that moment. How cool is that??! A garbage truck. So simple. I love it!

So in honor of sweet Charlie and his pure love for garbage trucks, I thought I would share a few of our favorite garbage truck inspired toys that zoom and trash about our house.

The Green Toys Recycling Garbage Truck was given to him when he turned one and remains to be one of his favorite in his fleet of trucks. The coolest thing about it is that it's made of 100% recycled plastic. A double plus!

Looking for an infant boy gift? The Mini Garbage Truck by Plan Toys is spot on.

For those of you with boys who haven't discovered the Bruder trucks yet - you DEFINITELY have to bring one home for his next birthday or special occasion! Bruder trucks are durable and entertain for hours. The Bruder Garbage Truck is really cool too because it comes with 2 garbage cans. Bonus!

Plan Toys just came out with this wonderfulEco Recycling Game, a great lesson in how and why we need to sort our garbage. Charlie has yet to discover this one, but his sister Maggie thinks it's awesome. Perfect for the older kids.

And of course, there is nothing like ending the evening with story time centered around garbage with the I Stink book. Sweet Dreams!!!

Until next Monday morning...

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