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The Interview.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We traveled with our troops (all 5 models) down to the CBS station this past Saturday and did a segment with anchor Lisa Chan on Spring Fashion Trends. We had a BLAST!!! Definitely check out the video.

The outfits.

Ms Maggie was twirling the beautiful Tea Collection Jogakbo Sundress, and danced in her pink Elephantito Ballet flats.

Ms Ella had on the Neige Clara Dress, a Cookie & Dude headband, and the adorable silver Elephantito sandals (that we swear smell like bubblegum!!!)

Little sweet Morgan had on the stunningPink Chicken Belle Dress, the must-have Sand Cassel Kids Polly Hat, the adorable See Kai Run Pink Ariana Shoes (which she refuses to take off - still!), and the Appaman Jeans Straight Cut Jeans.

Precious little Leo wore the Wonderboy Henley and Starburst Button Down Shirt, Appaman Jeans Straight Cut Jeans, and the chocolate brown slip-on shoes by Morgan & Milo.

And last, but certainly not least - ENZO!!!! wore the
Tea Collection Paeja Vest, the Tea Collection Bulguksa Print Shirt, the Tea Collection Hahoe Plaid Shorts, and the See Kai Run Ariston Shoe. A favorite outfit - especially for this Easter!



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