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Fiddlesticks becomes a Tea Collection Destination Store

Friday, February 12, 2010
We are REALLY excited to announce that Fiddlesticks has just partnered with the Tea Collection to become a 'Tea Destination Store.' Each season we will showcase their entire collection, offering you the chance to experience the full expression of the Tea brand. For years we have been carrying Tea, and the demand for more is always present. Between their beautifully designed clothing and their hometown location, we thought it a perfect marriage!

Come visit us, we have a large section of the store dedicated to just Tea. And keep checking back online as we continue to add more and more styles to our website.

For Tea’s spring collection, their design team set off to explore South Korea where they found a uniquely vibrant, energetic culture and a land of exuberant color, ornate architecture and beautiful artisanal crafts. This inspirational trip created a beautiful collection of spring styles that feature amazing prints, traditional Korean silhouettes, a festive color palette, infusing traditional crafts and arts, such as patchwork design.

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