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D.I.Y. Kid's Toys

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
The D.I.Y. (do it yourself) movement is huge right now in San Francisco- between the opening of The Workshop this year and amazing local artists like Baby Leo, and local authors Lorena Siminovoch & Sara Gillingham (In My Tree & In My Nest) there is so much home spun love to embrace. It's great to see that the "gift of making" is crossing over to kids and their toys selections too.

We have recently added some new D.I.Y. kid art kits to Fiddlesticks and we can hardly keep them in stock. If your feeling like your little budding artist is needing an outlet- try the Stitch-It-Bedtime-Bear-Kit, Stitch-It-Donkey-Kit, or the Build-It-Bulldozer-Kit.

If Santa needs some help- try one of Maple Landmarks Made By Me Vehicle Sets - sure to feel any little ones stocking with joy.

I still remember the D.I.Y. Kits my Grandma would stock for us when we'd come to visit & let me tell you, my sisters and I spent hours making- and then hours telling about our creations. The ownership that comes with creating is priceless, and so so so much FUN!!!



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