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With the young Architect in Mind...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are very excited to announce that Fiddlesticks will be carrying Citi Blocs (formerly known as Kapla Blocks). Over the last few years we have been searching for the perfect building block, and until now nothing has compared to the wooden blocks we stock in our play area that were actually recycled packaging. We've spent a lot of time trying different blocks and talking to parents about what they would like in a block set, and now we have what we consider to be the best block sets EVER!!!

Citi Blocs is unique in the respect that each piece is the same size and shape- which allows for more complicated building, taller structures, and is more open ended for the creative mind. These blocks can inspire the entire family, from the eight year old who wants to recreate San Francisco's tallest buildings and towers, Dad building that hot rod he still dreams of, and the two year old who just wants something established quick so they can knock it over.

As always we try to stock the best possible choice for the environment as well as our families- and Citi Blocs is no exception. These blocks are cut from Grade A. Radiata Pine from renewable forests in New Zealand, are not chemically treated, and have even won green toy awards.

Citi Blocs is the perfect addition to every one's family- especially those with limited space as they come in small sets that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect building experience for your family. Now that we have Citi Blocs I'm actually looking forward to the rain- so that I can make some hot chocolate and nest in the house with my family-and build lasting memories with my new, super cool blocks.




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