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A few of our favorite Holiday outfits

Monday, November 8, 2010
Our favorite season has arrived!!! Hot chocolate, holiday parties, the nutcracker, wrapping presents, singing time and lifelong memories. Do you know what your little ones are wearing to all the festivities???!!

Here are some of our favorite picks this season...

Velvet & Tweed has a coordinating boy and girl outfit this year that we are just head-over-heels about. The classic red velvet dress is one of our favorites -it's just calling for a pair of patent leather shoes and white tights. And the red button down shirt paired with the glen plaid pants for boy- ADORABLE! Tina (designer and owner of Velvet & Tweed) continues to locally produce the most well thought out and incredibly well constructed classic clothing.

The Tea Collection came out with what we think is one of their best holiday collections yet. Bold stripes, geometric tiles, ebullient embroidery, and a colorful array of print and pattern. Their inspiration draws from Old World Hungary - from play to soiree, it's perfect for all holiday celebrations!

A few favorite Tea girl holiday outfits...for fancy definitely either the Bucharest Floral Dress or the Ironwork Floral Dress. Or go a bit more casual with the Folk Craft Floral Drop-Waist Dress. If your little one doesn't have tall boots - this dress is the perfect opportunity to pick up a pair.

And for boys....try the Dacian Diamond Vest, it's super soft and works perfectly with the smokey blue long sleeve polo, and the Zoltan Twill Plaid pants- DAZZLING!

Ses Petite Mains Giselle Dress is perfect for the older girl, especially with the hint of glitter in the heather grey to give it that added kid fun. From the style to the fit, this really is a great dress!

Can't wait to see them all dressed up!!!


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