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Goodbyn, rethink your lunch!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the age of 'saving our planet' and the push to better our environment, a lunchbox was invented by Goodbyn that uses zero plastic bags, is 100% recyclable, free of BPAs and phthalates, is FDA approved, and can save a family $190/year. Too good to be true? NOT AT ALL!!! We even put it to the test.

My daughter, Maggie, started kindergarten this year which meant we had to start packing her lunches. After much debate over color (she choose plum) she quickly started decorating it with the stickers that come with it - and I quickly began figuring out how to fill it up. Goodbyn also comes in original green, original orange, original pink, original blue, charcoal, and slate blue. The original colors come with 'ears,' which are to help the younger kids open the lid. It is important to note that either with or without ears, the lunchbox remains the same in size & shape.

A HUGE bonus is that Goodbyn lists mealplan suggestions on their site. Not only do they have 3 weeks of suggestions, but they also give you the grocery list to print out & bring with you to the grocery store. It comes in very handy for us at times when I struggle to think up new ideas for lunch.

While closing the lid can prove to be a bit challenging for a 5 year old at times, all the other benefits greatly outweigh this small hurdle (her teacher happily closes it after lunch). My favorite is how easy it is to clean at night & then pack back up. Thumbs up from both Mom & daughter!

Stay tuned for the mini snack size goodbyn coming later this year...


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